May your unfailing

love be with us,

Lord, even as we put

our hope in you.

Psalms 33:22

I'm a student, daughter, friend and follower of Jesus, my hope.


At Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, California I am an English major in order to become a screenwriter. I have autism but that is not what defines me. It often gets in my way temporarily, but only temporarily. I have been on a quest for healing seems like my whole life. It's slow but steady. I communicate by typing and now I'm learning to find my voice and talk. I also love being an advocate for others like me. Here In this web page you will find my journey, in my writings and books and videos. I want to share them with you to bring you hope that anything is possible.


When we have mountains to climb it can seem like they are too high, but if we start walking one step at a time, we find small victories along the way. Our hope grows and believing in a God who loves to carry us through to the end will get us to the top. I am so grateful for God's love and I know I will reach the top of my next mountain and will talk one day soon.


Everyone is God's child and hope for the future is alive inside of them. This web page is dedicated to hope. To the dreams we carry inside of us that with God's help will one day come true.


Publications & Writings

My first video came out of a sixth grade English project. Our assignment was to interview people about a topic.

I got permission to do a autobiography about autism, including interviews with friends. -2010

My second video was made going into 10th grade in high school. I wanted a way of explaining who I was to my school friends. I posted it on our school face book so they could all get to know me better and maybe to answer questions they might have. - 2014

I am an English major at Vanguard University, my passion for film and writing has brought me to a place of wanting to be a screenwriter. During the past three years at school I have focused my efforts on learning about the film industry and improving my writing. - 2019

I presented with Darlene Hanson and Peggy Schaefer. To view, click here to go to webcast and purchase. - 2014

I made this video for my high school graduation. I graduated in 2016 with a high school diploma. - 2016

In this live webinar, we discussed the importance of Ayres Sensory Integration® and how to adapt intervention for Adults with sensory integration needs, with our amazing guests:

My Books


Sonshine is a book about hope and discovering who we are to God.

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Leaders Around Me: Contributor

Leaders Around Me: Autobiographies of Autistics who Type, Point, and Spell to Communicate is a compilation of 45 autobiographies of extraordinary individuals who use keyboards, letter boards, and communication devices. I am proud to have authored a chapter in this book.

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Me and God Hoping to Beat Autism Soon - Coming Soon

Me and God Hoping To beat Autism Soon is a compilation of writing and poems to help readers of all ages understand autism better.

The Dragon Story - Coming Soon

The Dragon story was written with Soma Mukhopadhayay the wonderful Indian woman who taught me to type. I was 8 years old and now that I was learning to communicate I wanted to make more friends.